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WHAT"S NEW???  We are currently upgrading our computer system.  It will provide a lot more information on your receipt.  We will be able to help track previous purchase items more easily.  We will also have much more of our product line available for viewing online.  Of course it is going to require some time as photos need to be taken of every fabric and a description be written.  All the new fabrics will be going on the web site as they come in, and the older ones will be added to the site as time permits. 

As of a count today, we currently have over 3500 bolts of fabric in the store. 



The first Saturday and Sunday of each month, bring in a completed quilt top and show it to us and recieve 30% off any fabric in the shop for that top's backing fabric. (Gold Card not punched for discounted fabric).  It's a great place to show off what you've done, see what others are doing and maybe get some ideas and tips. have to bring in your top!