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We continue to have the largest collection of flannels around.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping photos

Do these photos really represent the item?
Yes, we could have taken the photos from the manufacturers web site. However, we felt that the inclusion of the tape measure and the actual product in our shop would be more helpful.  Sometimes it's difficult to tell the exact size of a fabric detail on the internet.  


How do you ship fabric?
We typically ship via USPS.  We've found that we can fit close to 6 yards of fabric into the $5.35 USPS priority envelope.  Flannels are a different story however.  Every attempt is made to keep the shipping charges as close to actual cost as possible.  If it is an international shipment, please E-mail us so that we can do the calculations on the shipping.  Canada is considered international.


Why do some of the same collection fabrics have a different price?
Some of our fabrics, although out of the same collection, do have a different price.  The reason for this is, we have based our pricing by the original purchase price.  For of the RJR food fabrics can be bought for 9.50 a yard, yet another is 10.25.    The 9.50 fabric was purchased at a lesser original buy price.  Once a fabric price is increased, we don't go through our inventory and do a blanket price increase on those fabrics.  It's based on what we originally purchased it for, not what it's selling for now. 

Got Pattern?

This is perfect for the Timeless Treasures border prints, super EZ table runners with no fabric waste!  EZ striped table runner pattern by The Quilt Company

R U Hungry?

We always have a large group of food and food related prints.  yummmm......

Minimum purchase

Our minimum purchase is 1/2 yard on any selected fabric through our web site.  Store sales are 1/8 yd.